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6 Fun and Unique Gift Ideas for Pet Owners, supporting a Small Business

Colorful pet blanket with dog

Are you looking for gift ideas for pet owners?

Gifting is an art form itself.

To give a meaningful gift, you have to take into account the recipient’s likes and dislikes, experiences and emotions, the occasion, as well as your budget and intention. It’s not always easy. The first step to finding a great gift is to narrow it down, which can be done several different ways. One of them is to narrow it down by categories, e.g. which category of people the recipient belongs to?

What if they are a pet owner? That’s a great way to find a good present for a friend or family member. A lot of pet owners treat their dog, cat, or other animal like family. Celebrating that bond with a fun and unique gift is a nice way to show you care.

If you’re looking for something different and special, something more unique, you may want to look at shops owned by small business owners and independent artists.

Here are a few original gift ideas for the pet lovers in your life that will make you stand out while supporting a small business (me!). Featuring my artworks. These are some of my favorites. 

Here we go!

6 Fun and unique gift ideas for pet owners

1. Gift a pet blanket that can double as home decor

Cozy and colorful. On top of keeping fur babies warm (and off the furniture!), this bright and vibrant design will add a pop of color to a home.

Mountain Waves pet blankets
Mountain Waves pet blanket with dog
Mountain Waves pet blanket with cat

2. A fish shape cat mat to protect the floor

A cute and colorful mat to protect the floor and keep food bowls in place. And it’s fish shape! Now that’s bound to make a cat owner smile.

Curious Kitten Cat Mat
Curious Kitten Cat standing on Mat
Curious Kitten Cat placemat fish shape with food

3. Or, a bone shape dog mat 

This one works especially well for the poodle lovers. I have a few other mats featuring other dog breeds in my shop but this one is one of my favorites. Probably because this doggie is so happy and full of life.

Give a dog its very own placemat and add a touch of colorful happiness to a home.

White Poodle Dog Mat
White Poodle Dog Mat Gift idea
dog placemat gift ideas for pet owners

4. A personalized pet painting is one of the most unique gifts

If you’re looking for a truly one-of-a-kind gift, consider ordering a pet portrait. Pet portraits are the absolute best gift for pet owners. They are tailored-made, hand-painted, and capture the essence of the fur baby.

My custom pet paintings are made with love and colors! I use acrylic on canvas panels, and you can choose the colors you want. I offer three sizes. Take a look at my portfolio to see more examples.

 Beagle Puppy custom pet portrait
cat portrait square
Blue Nose Pit and White Boxer Painting square

5. A cute pet bandana to glamorize your pet

A pet bandana can make a great gift. It’s for the pet lovers to dress up their dog or cat in style. This is a great gift idea for those with a limited budget or for those looking for something simple. 

This pet bandana features a triangle design easy to tie-on. Plus, this design is available in either warm tones or cold tones. 

pet bandana warm sunshine
pet bandana warm sunshine dog
pet bandana warm sunshine cat

6. A unique phone case

Who wouldn’t want to have a gift that’s both useful and pretty? This slim protective case features super bright colors. For iPhone, Samsung, and other Android devices. This Golden Retriever is as happy as the pet owner will be!

Find more phone case designs here.

golden retriever dog phone case
golden retriever dog phone case side
golden retriever dog phon

And these are some of my favorites fun and unique gift ideas for pet owners. I hope you like them!

6 Fun and Unique Gift Ideas for Pet Owners

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