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Step by step of one of my latest painting: the portrait of a beautiful fox. Learn more about digital art and how to paint with Photoshop.

When I painted this fox portrait, I wanted to experiment with new watercolor brushes and give it an abstract feel. I didn’t have a set plan and I let the painting take me where it wanted. My only goal was to make this painting a happy one. I wanted bright colors and a smiling animal. Here is the step by step process:

  • Line Art

step by step fox painting

In all my paintings, the line art always comes first, quickly followed by the background base color. I always have a photography usually found on google that I use as a base to help me with the line art.

  • Main color for the fox

step by step fox colors

I added the base color of the fox using watercolor brushes. I was being imprecise on purpose as I didn’t want it to be too realistic. I wanted to focus on colors and how they can convey emotions.

  • More colors and first details

step by step fox more colors

Still playing with colors and brushes, I started adding the first details. I was thinking of leaving the line art visible so I corrected it and improved it. After experimenting around I finally decided to mask it. I continued adding details until I was satisfied.

And tadaaa:

fox digital painting

Watch the whole process:

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To this date, this is the fastest painting I have created. I think it leans more toward being a speed drawing than an actual digital painting. It was a lot of fun to do though and I like the way it turned out. Sometimes you just have to throw colors around and see where it leads you!

You can buy prints and products of this artwork in my shop.

Any questions? Leave a comment and I will do my best to answer you.

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