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Born and raised in Paris where I completed my art and design education, I am now an artist living and working in Arizona. The beautiful landscapes of where I live help keep my mind focused on art.

I primarily paint animal portraits and try to give them life using dynamic colors and brush strokes. I paint them the way I see them: as intelligent beings, so beautiful and similar to us. They each have their own personality, and this is what transpires in my work. I like working with colors without being too realistic, and I practice every day to improve my style.

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My two passions in life are painting and hiking. If I’m not doing one I’m usually doing the other. I’ve always loved animals and nature in general and I never feel better than when I’m immersed in it, climbing mountains, following rivers, walking through forests, spotting wild critters as I go.

The main reason I am fascinated with animals I think is the fact that we can create bonds with them, despite being so fundamentally different. They don’t think the way we do, they communicate in completely different ways, and yet, we can understand each other and form friendships and families, especially when it comes to dogs and cats.

How amazing is that?

My art is also available on these websites:

Etsy shop collageFor original paintings, prints, and pet portraits

Etsy is an online marketplace for handmade and vintage items. That’s where I started selling my paintings and where I am offering my custom pet portraits. This is the absolute best website to find unique handmade items and to support independent artists.

Society6 shop collageFor art prints and products

Society6 is a website where artists, designers and photographers can upload their work and have it printed on a wide range of products, from art prints to wall tapestries. It’s my favorite website to sell my own artworks. Get wall tapestries, pillows, mugs, phone cases, towels, yoga mats and pants, shirts, and so much more!

RedBubble shop collageFor art prints and products

RedBubble was created in 2006 in Melbourne, Australia, with the goal to give artists a way to sell their creations. It’s very similar to Society6 but has a more pop art feel. You can get my art printed on tapestries, phone cases, shirts, tote bags, pouches, and much more.





I accept commissions! Contact me to know more.