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Ever wonder how I create my digital painting? Here’s a speed painting video I recorded while I painted my latest cow portrait.

How to Paint a Cow Speed Painting in Photoshop

Cows are wonderful animals. They graze all day, never asking for anything, and mostly ignoring the world around them. Such innocence… They don’t care about you, they just live their life. I’ve always liked cattle.

I used to live and work on a ranch for years so I’ve been around cows and horses a lot. Did you know cows can see almost 360 degrees? But they don’t see very well what’s straight in front of them so they’ll typically turn their head to look at you.

With this painting, I wanted to capture the goofiness and innocence of a cow. I used bright colors and abstract strokes.

Watch the magic happen in the video below!

As you can see, at first, I wanted an yellow/orange background but I quickly changed my mind and switched to soft blue to give the painting a calmer and more unified atmosphere.

This digital painting must have taken me about an afternoon to create. I loose track of time when I paint an animal in Photoshop.

If you would like to see more videos, check out:

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 Whimsical Cow Digital Painting on Products
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