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My little baby turned 1! She’s such a big kitty now! It was finally time to paint her portrait and put it on my wall alongside the paintings of my dog and other cat. I love doing custom cat portraits!

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Kittens grow up so fast… They are the tiniest little things, you turn your head, and they’ve become giants! Della, my adorable kitten turned 1 year old last week. When I decided to offer pet portraits, I practiced on my dog and Aria, my first cat. When I got the kitten, I decided to wait for her to turn 1 before painting her portrait. Custom cat portraits and dog portraits are my favorites things to paint.

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When I start a custom pet portrait, I ask my customer a little bit about their pet so I can infuse some of their personality in my paintings. I create bright and colorful portraits, without being too realistic. I like for the painting to be different from the picture. What’s the point of having a painting that looks exactly the same as the reference? That’s why I work with splatters of colors and fine line markers.

For my kitten, I wanted to show her goofiness as well as her cute and serious little face. I also wanted it to match the portraits of my other pets, hence the splash of yellow/orange. It adds joy and energy, and parallels the other paintings.

Della acrylic portrait

Custom cat portraits are not always easy. It can be hard to capture the cat’s personality but it is a challenge I love to take. Dogs and cats are so adorable. To me, they are family. I could not live without my fur babies. Little Della grew up to be such a beautiful cat! She’s probably one of the goofiest kitty I know!

Della kitten and paintbrushes

Della photo1

Della photo2

If you would like a custom pet portrait of your own pet, head on to my Etsy shop! It takes one or two weeks to complete a personalized painting. You can choose your colors and my goal is to capture the pet’s unique personality. All I need is a good quality photo to get started. You can choose between three sizes, all at different price points.

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