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How to paint a cat in Photoshop – Cat illustration speed painting

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Cats are so cute and funny. They are clever, independent, and quirky. I will never tire of painting them. Learn how to paint a cat in Photoshop with this speed painting video I made.

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This cat illustration speed painting video shows how I painted “Rise and Shine, Kitty”, one of my latest digital paintings. It will show you how to paint a cat in Photoshop. I like how this bright and colorful illustration turned out. I wanted to give it a “morning feel” so I used a warm color palette for the cat and cooler colors for the background to create a contrast. Watch the video!

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If you have ever wondered how I create my paintings or how to paint a cat in Photoshop this video shows you just that! Speed painting are always amazing to watch and I will try to do more in the future. This illustration took me about 4-5 hours total. When I paint, time flies! I don’t even realize it. If you’re interested in digital painting, check out my Photoshop Top Tips for digital painting.

I always start with the line art and choose a background color. I then add some colors with abstract brushes and create some lightning. I sculpt the main subject, still using abstract brushes and add more colors while paying attention to the lightning and keeping in mind the general feel I want to give the painting. In the end, it’s always different than what I had in mind when I started but I usually like it. I add details and I remove the line art. I do some color correction, usually adding more contrast and vibrancy. Then, I add details again and correct some lines, and ta-da! Painting done!

This cat illustration is also available on beautiful products. They turned out great and make perfect gifts for cat lovers!

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How cute are those?

Stay tuned for more speed paintings!

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