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Custom Pet Portraits, The Best Personalized Gifts for Pet Owners

Cat Portrait Custom Canvas Colorful Art

Are you looking for an original and unique gift idea for a dog owner or a cat owner? Look no further. Custom pet portraits on canvas are the best personalized gifts for pet owners. They are thoughtful, beautiful, and one of a kind. And I can make one for you!

What makes custom pet portraits the best personalized gifts for pet owners?

Why not give a meaningful gift rather than something generic? And what better way to do that than by ordering something custom and handmade? A personalized gift is more thoughtful as it is unique.

Pet portraits capture the essence of the pet and each is uniquely beautiful. It is a personalized piece of art made just for you and/or the pet’s owner.

For pet owners, animals are part of the family. We all love our pets and we even call them our babies. A custom portrait shows off that love. The portrait becomes more than just art. It represents a beloved family member. It becomes a memory.

A pet portrait is art in one of its purest form: it is created to inspire and instill feelings. It has meaning for the beholder.

Why order a custom pet portrait on canvas?

A handmade original canvas painting is even more unique. Pet portraits come in many forms but on a hand painted canvas? One-of-a-kind. That makes it extra special.

There are lots of occasions for which you may want to consider ordering a pet portrait, whether it is for a friend, a family member, your significant other, or even for yourself.

  • To celebrate a birthday or anniversary
  • A personalized Christmas gift
  • A pet memorial after a dog or cat loss
  • As a thank you gift

Whatever the occasion, a celebration or a pet loss, a dog portrait or a cat portrait is always a great choice. Personalized gifts for pet owners are sure to bring joy all around.

Cat Portrait in progress Acrylic

Commission a custom pet portrait from Flo Art Studio

There are lots of talented artists out there offering all kinds of styles: digital, traditional, realistic, abstract, black and white, cartoonish, etc.

My pet portraits, however, are very unique. They have a bright and colorful look and capture the pet’s personality with a vibrant style. I was never one for photo-realistic paintings. Although the talent of the artists making those is incredible, no argument there, I prefer a more abstract approach. After all, why order a painting that looks exactly like a photo?

So if you are looking for a vibrant, unique, and original hand painted work of art, have a look at my shop and portfolio. From there, you can commission a beautiful painting of your pet made just for you.

My pet portraits feature:

  • Canvas panels, also called canvas board. Thin and sturdy and easy to hang, either with or without a frame.
  • They are made with acrylic paint and fine line markers.
  • You can choose between three sizes, each at a different price point.
  • Varnish is applied to protect the painting from dust and sun damage.
  • Bright and vibrant colors. You can pick which ones you want.
  • And authentic love!

Custom Pet Portraits Best Personalized Gifts for Pet Owners

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