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Finding inspiration is a process. Contrary to popular belief, creative people seldomly wake up one day with a genius idea that came out of nowhere. Inspiration is something that has to be cultivated. You have to prime yourself for the idea to come and blossom within you.

It’s just like a plant. Feed it, water it, and it will grow. Neglect it and it will die.

Inspiration can be found everywhere and nowhere. It all depends on the person. For me, here are the top 6 things that bring me inspiration on a daily basis.

The top things that inspire me to create art are:

1. Colors

Obviously. My work is all about colors. I was never one to stick to a realistic style. I like it when paintings are full of colors and transcend reality rather than depict it with too much accuracy. Give my colors, give me splatters, give me life!

Colors are everywhere. Walk down a street and you’ll see green trees, gray stones, black asphalt, multicolored houses… It’s a never ending source of inspiration.

2. Animals

Pretty obvious as well. I love animals.

There are so many different types of creatures on our planet it is mind blowing. Some are completely different from us, some are more similar. Some we can understand, and some we can’t even fathom what their life must be like. And yet they are all living, just like us. It’s quite fascinating when you think about it. How different life can be.

To me, animals are captivating. I have always been drawn to them. And you can read why I paint animals here.

3. Landscapes 

Specifically, mountain landscapes. Although there’s something about watching city lights at night, I usually find inspiration when there’s a mountain involved somewhere. I am a big hiker and besides creating art, hiking is my number one hobby.

When I climb a mountain and watch the majestic landscape expanding in front of me, I feel so connected to nature it’s almost meditative. It makes me want to capture that feeling. I contemplate Earth’s beauty and I want to put it on canvas, in my own way.  Landscapes are such a great source of inspiration.

4. Seasons

Seasons are associated with different feelings and colors. Winter for instance is cold, calm and quiet, and evokes soft and cool colors, such as blue, white, and purple. Summer on the other hand is warm, lively and festive. Bright yellow and orange come to mind.

Sometimes, I think about a season when I create a painting. For instance I created “Winter Fluff” with a soft color palette and mostly cold colors. I had winter in mind when I painted the bunny, hence the title of the artwork, obviously. Conversely, I did “Summer Cow” with the opposite season in mind so it inspired me to use brighter and warmer colors.

Winter Fluff Bunny Rabbit Art Print Poster
Winter Fluff
Summer Cow Art Print Mockup
Summer Cow

5. Sky

Have you ever looked at the sky and thought of a story just by watching two clouds gliding next to each other? Or lost yourself in the deep blue? Or felt serenity watching the sunset on the horizon?

From blue to orange to purple, the sky can take on so many colors it’s enchanting. It’s one of the top things that inspires me to create art. “Beyond The Twilight” came to be because I wanted to depict the sunset.

German Shepherd Art Print Mockup
Beyond The Twilight

6. Traveling

Last but not least. There’s nothing like taking a trip to boost creativity!

First, it gets you out of your bubble and a change of pace is always good. Second, it stimulates the mind. Discovering new places is almost always fun and amazing. You discover new ways of life, new landscapes, new shapes and patterns… The world is big and traveling through it opens the mind.

Finding creative inspiration 

Being in a state of inspiration boosts creativity. At times, it can be elusive. I can go days, and occasionally months, without feeling inspired. This is part of the process and happens to everyone. Just like writers have writer’s blocks, artists have creative blocks.

I’ve found that trying to force inspiration to come usually makes it worse. So it’s not so much about forcing but more about keeping an open mind. Inspiration is spontaneous in nature but we do have some control over it. We may not be able to manifest it out of the blue but we can increase the chances of it occurring by doing little things every day and being open and receptive to it.

As an artist, to find creative inspiration, I try to see art wherever I go and be receptive to it. I practice mindfulness whenever I can.

And I seek out the top things that inspire me to create on a daily basis.

Top Things That Inspire Me To Create

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