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Step by step of one of my digital painting titled “Bear Dream”. Learn more about digital art and how to paint with Photoshop by discovering how I created this bear painting.

Bears and foxes are my favorite subjects. It’s all about the fur, I love furry animals. When I started this bear painting, I knew I wanted it to have a dream-like atmosphere and I was going to use watercolor brushes – which usually are my to go brushes – to achieve that effect. When I finished it, I chose to simply title it “Bear Dream”. Here is my process:

  • Line Art

First step was the lineart and the background main color.

  • First colors

Second step was to start adding color while paying close attention to highlights and shadows in order to sculpt the bear.

  • Details and blending

I started adding details so I could remove the lineart. I created the fur and painted contrasts. I then slightly blended the colors together while adding a few more details so the overall look would be smoother, and my bear painting was over!

bear painting

Watch the whole process:

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As with all of my paintings, I never know how the finished artwork will turn out. I set out with a vague idea of how I want it to look like and which feeling I want to give it, and I start working and see where it takes me. Sometimes it takes a completely different direction of what I originally intended, sometimes it is pretty close to my original idea. Either way, I usually like how it turns out and surely enough, I ended up pretty satisfied with this one.

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