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It’s very easy to tune out and immerse yourself in laziness when it’s cold and gloomy outside, here’s how to stay creative and keep moving as an artist!
how to stay creative as an artist in the winter pin
Draw inspiration from the weather

If it’s cold and gloomy outside, maybe you can channel that in your art. It calls for darker pieces. Infuse your emotions in your art, create with your feelings, and it just may make the weather more bearable. Or maybe the winter snow inspires you to create lighthearted pieces, full of soft colors and serene joy. Snow inspires tranquility, the world changes and seems almost at a standstill. Using the weather and how you feel about it will help you stay creative as an artist.

My latest artworks have actually been strongly influence by all the snowy days we had out here in the Rocky Mountains, especially my latest bunny painting.

bunny rabbit digital painting winter fluff

I woke up and it had snowed all night but the sun was shining. The rays of light were reflecting on the snow packed roads and trees. The sky was a shade of bright electric blue that turned azure as the day went on. The mountain view from my window was amazing! When I painted the bunny, I wanted to convey that soothing feeling of serenity I felt that morning.

Give yourself a break
coffee and book in the winter

Sometimes all you need is time spend doing nothing but relaxing. Time to yourself. How to stay creative as an artist can be hard work and time off is important. Take a day off, calm yourself, and enjoy the moment. You will make up with a fresh mind the next day and who knows? Maybe that break will actually kick-start your creativity and you’ll end up wanting to make a new artwork before the day is over.

Additionally, if you are feeling a bit depressed by the weather, you can read my post on how to fight the winter blues.

Take notes

Get this cute sticker and notebook in my RedBubble shop!

The moment you may feel creative may be when you’re out and have no access to your studio. In these moments, write down what you are thinking or what your idea is. You can carry a small sketchbook pad around or use your smartphone.

Having a written trace of what you came up with outside of your studio can help put you get back to that creative mood later on.

Feed your inner art lover
art exhibition in the street

Get your inspiration from other artists. You can go to an art museum, visit a new exhibition, or just browse the internet. How to stay creative as an artist can call for the help of other artists. Who to better turn to than a fellow creative person?

I personally really enjoy Pinterest for this. Pinterest is all about images and it is tailored to your taste. When you save an image to one of your board, it will show you similar things. My home feed is filled with colorful artworks and animal art, I love it!

pinterest feed to stay creative daily inspiration
Follow me on Pinterest!

I save pictures and painting I like to several boards, feel free to follow me for a daily dose of colorful inspiration! All my boards are art-related.

Listen to music
Listen to music to stay creative in the winter

Music can transport you to another dimension. A lyric or a note can set you off and your mind will start wandering in a world of his own, birthing new ideas as it goes along. Music is powerful like that.

Harness the creativity it gives you and put it on canvas. It may not come all at once, it may just come in small waves breaking on shores, but it will help you stay creative as an artist.

Venture outside

A change of scenery is always good. No matter the weather, if you hit a creative block, it may be a good idea to step out and brave the elements. Find stories in people you pass by, in the nature, or in the buildings. Get some perspective.

And remember, art is everywhere!

snowy mountain view at night

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  1. I love these drawings. I tend to always listen to music for inspiration. It helps me a lot. I can’t draw, but I do love to write!

    1. Thank you! Music is always a big help!

  2. A change of scenery is always good for me when I am trying to write. I also need to try music to see if that helps.

  3. Wow but you’re an artist, just like a friend of mine! Very similar to you! I admire you very much for your skill and creativity!

    1. Thank you! 🙂

  4. These are some great sounding hints for artists. I think fatigue of our art came over us all no matter what our canvas is.

    1. Very true!

  5. I am so far from being an artist. I am impressed with everyone who is and their ability to be this creative.

    1. I believe everyone is an artist in their own way 😉

  6. Beautiful drawings! Art is everywhere. I see art on nature, on buildings, on people, on cultures. It’s a beautiful thing to motivate others to stay creative and to pursue their passion.

    I usually get creative during night. That’s when the best part kicks in haha I guess I’m a night person ;D


    1. Me too! I’m a night owl!

  7. These are some great ideas to get your creative juices flowing. I enjoy photography and hiking so those two things can get me inspired to write or create an ebook or even an entire website.

    1. I love both of these too! I can’t wait until the weather warms up so I can go hiking.

  8. Thank you so much for sharing these amazing tips that I can try. I love looking at sunsets and wonderful views and scenery.

    1. I am lucky I have wonderful mountain views were I live! It helps a lot with creativity.

  9. Music always inspires me! and stirs up my creativity. As well, since I’m always keen on the atmosphere, drawing inspiration from the weather would be awesome.

    1. I love music!

  10. Sometimes it can be so hard to remain creative! I find that taking notes really does help! Sometimes the creativity hits when you can’t create, so writing it down helps save that for later.

    1. Yes writing things down really help me, especially for blog ideas.

  11. This is a really good and inspiring post with tips on how to stay creative. I hope people will benefit so much from this post. Thanks.

    1. Thank you!

  12. I don’t consider myself an “artist” per se but there is some great advice I can take here for cooking/blogging. Cheers

    1. Thanks! Yes, this can work for everyone, not only artists!

  13. It’s definitely hard to get inspiration during the winter. I love your ideas, draw from emotions!

    1. Yes, I always try to use emotions to infuse into a painting, or even writing.

  14. Your art is absolutely beautiful! You’re so talented!

    1. Thank you so much!

    2. That’s a great tip!

  15. I love these tips! I always enjoy going to art studios and seeing an artist work!

  16. Great ideas. It is hard for me to stay motivated in the cold winter months I can’t even imagine trying to stay creative. I really have a love hate relationship with cold. Your work is beautiful.

    1. Thank you! I hate the cold myself so I always have a hard time in the winter.

  17. I am not an artist, but blogger these tips will work there also. I hate cold and winter because of lack of sun. which hinder my photo . You are so talented. Love those arts.

  18. These are really beautiful and awesome. You are so talented. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thank you! 🙂

  19. Those drawing are gorgeous! You are so talented. I find it always a bit harder to get inspo in winter. I am a summer baby, warmth and sun lift me up and make me more creative

    1. Thanks! I’m definitely a summer person too!

  20. Wow. you are a true artist. what a wonderful post and really love to see your work and thoughts about your journey. Keep up the good work.

    1. Thank you!!

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