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Caroline Heroux is an artist I discovered by chance on Etsy. She has a very unique style, abstract and colorful, that resonated with my soul. She is today’s featured artist! Learn about her art here.

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Caroline Heroux is an artist from Montreal, Quebec Canada. She spent a lot of time in nature as a child as it was a source of adventure and creativity. It was so full of life and she would see beautify and wonder everywhere, from the coulds in the sky to flowers blooming in the pavement cracks. Her art depicts the magical world she sees.

She describes her style as eclectic, “part grunge, part save the World”. Her artworks are strongly influenced by the wild and the interior design world.

I absolutely love her colorful style full of life and wonder. Her paintings are abstract and dynamic. I feel like each piece depicts a world of its own. The artworks are full of emotions and resonate with me. I loose myself in them. I love the texture, apparent brush strokes, and bright colors.

Caroline only sells original paintings. Each piece is one of a kind. If you would like to own one of her beautiful canvas, go check out her Etsy shop: www.etsy.com/shop/ArtbyHeroux.

Wildflowers by c heroux

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